kandiliotis wiki and lexicon

A lexicon and an information wiki for all the novels and the shared universe they exist in.

  • Mindjector aims to bridge the gap between human brains and computers through the development of […]
  • Jorge Wilson, a former Chief of Police of the South Gate Police Department, was a […]
  • This concept of a modern corporate Uberman is a popular cultural phenomenon that sees exceptional […]
  • Introducing Neechat – Your Ultimate Peer-to-Peer Near Field Communication and Social Media App! Are you […]
  • Ambrisian is an earthling from the 1980s, a biologist, who discovers an amulet that gives […]
  • This Bay Boys gang is one of the most notorious criminal trios in the entire […]
  • A mass surveillance system instituted into law by the State Government of Fontana that takes […]
  • Founded by Jim Dochersky, a former tectrician, Meganat Corporation has become a dominant force in […]
  • A vibrant metropolis situated on the west coast of Latin America, boasting a rich cultural […]
  • A powerful West Shore gang forged after an amalgamation of all the western gangs. The post Brotherhood […]