Time Travelling with Trains

This is how to time travel on the subway. Look at the platform and imagine it being the destination platform. Walk to where you imagine the exit location is, and get as close to it as possible. Then board your train carriage at that location. It is the walking that makes the difference. Three minutes can be saved or lost, whether or not you choose to walk or stay dormant.

I attempted this today but my whole time travel experience got foiled when I was forced to change carriage to avoid the smell of vomit, foot odour, and rolling water bottles. I lost half a minute of time travel.

Although I did experience another form of chrononautics. I sat next to a guy who looked familiar. I had to ask his name. Sure enough, it was a long-lost childhood friend. Dangerous personality, always making dreams seem achievable. Too bad he sounded like he’d never amounted to anything. I asked him why he broke off contact all those years ago. He tried to answer but really didn’t satisfy my question, not in any meaningful way. I was however surprised he invited me home. Can’t work him out. 

Eventually, he admitted to me that he lead a wasted life and then tempted me to show him what I’d achieved, but I was uneasy with this. What next? Do I kill him? Do I show him what I’ve been doing for the past lifetime and a half? I backed away and treated him like the stranger he really was. What really made me uneasy was the fact I had the urge to show off.

Not a good sign.


Every electronic device, gadget, or machine produced in a factory is equipped with a panoptic surveillance network called Yellowcop that has the ability to see and hear everything, as well as track your physical whereabouts and virtual activities. This network is legally implemented, from robot trashcans to autonomous smartcards, leaving no room for anonymity.

However, the emergence of DENDROS, a quasi-sentient computer algorithm capable of hacking into all machines within the Global Internet of Things, changes everything. This peer-to-peer system is un-hackable, untraceable, and completely cryptonymous, allowing humanity to indulge in its darker side incognito and free once again.