Brotherhood Of The Leaping Frog

The powerful South Gate gang was formed after a strategic amalgamation of all the West Shore gangs, which had long been vying for dominance in the region. The merger was formulated by a select group of leaders led by the infamous Sparrow, who recognized the benefits of consolidating their resources, manpower, and expertise to create a formidable force that could not be easily challenged.

The amalgamation created a cohesive bond between the various gangs, who previously had no strong ties or allegiance to each other. With the new partnership, the West Shore gang became a well-organized entity with a clear hierarchy, structure, and mission.

The gang’s leaders were able to leverage their new-found power to expand their operations beyond the slums, and soon the West Shore gang became a force to be reckoned with across the Bluezone territories. Their operations were multi-faceted, ranging from drug trafficking, extortion, and racketeering to money laundering, human trafficking, and even murder for hire.

The West Shore gang’s members were fiercely loyal to their leaders, and any threat to their operations was met with swift and brutal retaliation. They were known for their ruthlessness, and their reputation often preceded them. Despite the many attempts by law enforcement agencies to bring them down, the West Shore gang remained resilient and continued to thrive. Their sheer size and power made it difficult for authorities to infiltrate their ranks or gather sufficient evidence to secure convictions.

As years went by, the West Shore gang continued to expand its operations, spreading its influence into the Bluezone’s corporate and social sectors. They remained a force to be reckoned with, and their influence in the South Gate society is unmatched.

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