Never mix grief with vengeance


Concept Art


A grieving father hunts down the internet troll that desecrated his dead son’s memorial webpage. Taunted and haunted by the vile ‘silvertroll’ the hunt takes him deep into the city’s streets and into the darkest recesses of the darknet, searching for clues to the troll’s identity.

As a grieving parent, Nathan [The Caveman] Caves struggles to come to terms with his son Julian’s death, his son’s online legacy, and a malicious internet troll that has wreaked havoc on his life. Determined to drown out his heartache with vengeance, The Caveman decides to hunt down his tormentor, delving into a world of technology he’d spent a lifetime evading.

Augmented reality.

Artificial sentience.


The deeper into the dark web the caveman ventures, the steeper his learning curve grows and the further away he gets from the one person who understands his pain…

…his wife.