The Cannibal Brothers

This Bay Boys gang is one of the most notorious criminal trios in the entire east barrio region, known for their ruthless tactics and their willingness to use outlandish violence to achieve their goals. It is a well-known fact that the Cannibal Brothers are not related and are comprised of Twelve, Devious16 and MajorT, and are among the most infamous members of the Bay Boys.

Originally hailing from the outskirts of the city, these three individuals were already known for their criminal activities before they joined the Bay Boys. However, it was only after they joined the gang that their reputation truly took off, as they quickly rose through the ranks and became some of the most feared members of the group.

For years, the trio terrorized the East River slumlands, committing all manner of violence against the locals and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. But they were not content to stay in one place, and soon they began to venture into other parts of the city, including the highly-secured Buezone.

When conducting their operations, the trio is known for their use of heavy weapons, including rotary guns that are capable of mowing down anything in their path. They are also known to use portable microwave cannons, or Masers, which can be used to disrupt, disable and even destroy electronic devices or burn the skin on victims, making them far more feared than any other slumlord.

Despite their fearsome reputation and their willingness to use violence, the trio is also known for their cunning and their ability to outsmart even the most well-organized security services. They are experts at staking out and preparing for their raids and using overt and overwhelming force to achieve their objectives, making them some of the most dangerous criminals in the entire region.

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