The Bad Samaritan now stalking Unbound

A while ago, after finishing my novel A Hostile Takeover, I took on adapting my screenplay ‘The Bad Samaritan’ into my next book project. It turned out to be an ordeal, with convoluted plots ending up driving me insane, but in the end I had myself a completed draft.

All that’s left now is to turn that draft into a finished product. As I painfully learned with my previous book, editing is a long, long process. I could have paid professionals to do this, but I discovered that there are plenty of invaluable tools out there in the technosphere. There was and remains to this day no justification for me or any author for that matter, to spend thousands of dollars on editors when there are tools already out there.

TheNextBigWriter, for example, is a writer’s community offering a decent workshop and feedback platform.

Unbound is another such platform. They are a hybrid between traditional publishing and crowdfunding.  The allows authors to pitch a book idea for consideration (fiction or non-fiction), and once a book pitch is accepted, it is presented to Unbound’s reader community for support and funding. Unbound sets the budget to produce and market the book, and if enough readers contribute to the book’s funding over a period of time and the target is reached, the book is published.

This is where my project has landed, so if anyone would like to take a journey with me down the draft to publish road, feel free to check out the project page.

By pledging your support to this project, you can get to be part of the process, delivering this science fiction story about a cabal of killers to its audience.

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