Spiders in the Office

Having a corporate headquarters is not a requirement of the meganational’s existence, and the rule of law governing corporate activities ceases to be applicable once they declare their independence. The headquarters could be moved to an island, or to a ship, or even into a satellite in space for that matter. Even the location of corporate executives is a separate matter from the rule of law governing the company.

When it comes to money, Meganat already has its own form of currency – Meganat stock. They could choose to monetize their stock in a way that could be used for paying salaries to employees and for making vendor payments. Employees, as an example, may get 13.8 shares of stock on payday rather than the equivalent amount in Corona dollars. The Intermarket is already programmed to convert money from one country’s currency into another, such as Atlantic Union’s ‘atlo’ into SG federas.

With a little effort, Meganat could design its own market that would instantly convert its stock into spendable currency. So employees, living in any part of the world, could make purchases at their local grocery stores.”



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