Barbarians within the Gates.

The biggest threat to mankind is not climate change. It is not war. It is anarchy.

Prime Executive Jorge Wilson

Prime Executive Jorge Wilson

Speech made just prior his assassination.

I stand before you to address a matter of utmost importance—an issue that has the potential to overshadow the most pressing challenges facing humanity. While climate change and war undoubtedly pose significant threats, the greatest danger we face is anarchy.

Anarchy, the absence of a centralized authority or system of governance, may seem like a remote concept to some. But history has shown us that when societies descend into chaos, the consequences can be catastrophic. Anarchy leads to a breakdown of law and order, creating a breeding ground for violence, injustice, and suffering.

When anarchy prevails, society loses its cohesion and the fundamental values that hold us together. The very fabric of our civilization unravels, leaving a void that is swiftly filled by chaos and self-interest. Without the structures and institutions that regulate our behavior and resolve conflicts, our collective well-being is endangered.

Consider the consequences of anarchy upon our daily lives. Our streets would become battlegrounds, as lawlessness and violence run rampant. Communities would fracture, as people retreat into enclaves of self-protection, eroding the bonds of trust and cooperation. The rights and freedoms we hold dear would be undermined, as tyranny and oppression fill the vacuum left by the absence of governance.

Moreover, anarchy threatens our progress as a species. It undermines our ability to tackle global challenges collaboratively. Without a framework for international cooperation and diplomacy, we would be left to fend for ourselves in a world that is increasingly interconnected. Climate change, poverty, inequality—these pressing issues demand collective action and global cooperation. Anarchy undermines our capacity to address them effectively.

However, it is crucial to understand that anarchy is not the same as dissent or calls for change. We must not conflate anarchy with the pursuit of social justice or the desire for a more equitable world. Indeed, peaceful protests and movements for change have played a vital role in advancing our societies. But anarchy, with its inherent chaos and absence of governance, poses a threat that must not be underestimated.

To address this looming danger, we must strengthen our commitment to the rule of law, to democratic institutions, and to the principles of justice and fairness. We must invest in education, critical thinking, and civic engagement, nurturing responsible citizens who understand the importance of social cohesion and cooperation.

It is our responsibility to reject the allure of anarchy and to work tirelessly towards building inclusive societies, where the rule of law prevails, where every individual is afforded dignity and protection, and where the rights and freedoms of all are safeguarded. We must uphold the values that have guided us thus far—values of unity, compassion, and respect for one another.

Let us recognize the profound threat that anarchy poses to mankind. Let us recommit ourselves to the principles that have allowed us to progress as a society. Together, we can build a future where justice prevails, where the rule of law is upheld, and where anarchy remains a distant memory. It is within our power to shape the destiny of humanity, and I implore each and every one of you to join this crucial endeavor.

Morlock or Eloi: A Choice in Evolution

The debate over climate change is one of those strange human things. In a logical or analytic sense, there really shouldn’t be such an argument. If you see danger up ahead, you would naturally take action to avoid it, right?

Not so simple when dealing with humans.

Let’s take humanity out of the equation. Once you do, then it doesn’t matter which way the temperature goes on the Earth, or on any other planet. Planets don’t care either way. If you talk to the sun, it’s just pissed off it didn’t achieve black hole status and that it now has to wait for another ten or so billion Earth years before it gets another crack at it.

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This Universe Wants To Kill You

Why are punters so afraid of nuclear technology? Is it the technology? Is it the word nuclear? This is as puzzling to me as modern politics and economics.

It makes no sense. This fear.

We exist in a universe that is constantly creating and destroying. Life is spawned from all this violence, and threatened by it. Life has to combat disease, superstorms, earthquakes, meteor impacts, supernovas, and gamma-ray bursts and that is just the natural world. The human world is even deadlier.

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