Atticus Ambrisian

Ambrisian is an earthling from the 1980s, a biologist, who discovers an amulet that gives him the power to cause any opponent extreme bad luck. He is the first human being to uncover evidence of superhumans from the pre-Big Bang era.

As a biologist who had always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. He had spent his entire life studying the intricacies of living organisms and the way they interacted with their environment. Despite his extensive knowledge of the natural world, Ambrisian had always felt that there was something missing, something beyond the realm of science that he could not explain.

While exploring a remote cave system in the Atlas Mountains, Ambrisian stumbled upon an ancient amulet that had been buried deep within the earth for millions of years. As soon as he touched the amulet, he felt a surge of energy coursing through his body, and he knew that he had discovered something truly extraordinary.

The amulet had the power to grant its wearer the ability to cause extreme bad luck to any opponent. Ambrisian was initially sceptical of this seemingly supernatural power, but after conducting numerous experiments, he was convinced that the amulet was indeed capable of manipulating probability in his favour. Ambrisian soon realized that he was not the only one who possessed extraordinary abilities. He discovered evidence of superhumans from the pre-Big Bang era, beings that had existed long before the universe as we know it came into being. These superhumans had harnessed the fundamental forces of the universe to wield incredible powers, and their existence shed new light on the nature of reality itself.

As Ambrisian delved deeper into his research, he began to uncover secrets that had been hidden from humanity for millennia. He learned that the amulet was just one of many powerful artifacts scattered throughout the world, each with its own unique abilities and properties. With his newfound knowledge and power, Ambrisian set out to seek out these artifacts and unlock the secrets of the universe. He became a hero to many, a champion of science and reason, and a beacon of hope in a world that was only just beginning to understand its own potential.

Atticus Ambrisian

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