Brotherhood Of The Leaping Frog

The powerful South Gate gang was formed after a strategic amalgamation of all the West Shore gangs, which had long been vying for dominance in the region. The merger was formulated by a select group of leaders led by the infamous Sparrow, who recognized the benefits of consolidating their resources, manpower, and expertise to create a formidable force that could not be easily challenged.

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The Angry Tree

The Five Internets refer to a concept in the world of technology that suggests that there are five different types of internets, each with its own unique characteristics. One of these internets is the hybrid internet created by the Tribes of the Angry Tree, a group of international hackers who are known for their expertise in infiltrating and manipulating various communication infrastructures.

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The Cannibal Brothers

This Bay Boys gang is one of the most notorious criminal trios in the entire east barrio region, known for their ruthless tactics and their willingness to use outlandish violence to achieve their goals. It is a well-known fact that the Cannibal Brothers are not related and are comprised of Twelve, Devious16 and MajorT, and are among the most infamous members of the Bay Boys.

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