Jekka felt cold, the rain and the southerly breeze blowing from the bay not helping her situation. Had she time to plan she would have worn her florincoat. Instead, her impromptu escape into the Free Zone had left her running through backstreets wearing only a matching Vesper Morales bra and panties set, a pair of silicon geta and a RaiBox in her hand.

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Every electronic device, gadget, or machine produced in a factory is equipped with a panoptic surveillance network called Yellowcop that has the ability to see and hear everything, as well as track your physical whereabouts and virtual activities. This network is legally implemented, from robot trashcans to autonomous smartcards, leaving no room for anonymity.

However, the emergence of DENDROS, a quasi-sentient computer algorithm capable of hacking into all machines within the Global Internet of Things, changes everything. This peer-to-peer system is un-hackable, untraceable, and completely cryptonymous, allowing humanity to indulge in its darker side incognito and free once again.