Fortresses can be advantageous and disadvantageous. They are good because you’re in a castle. It’s a safe place to be.

They are bad because you’re in a castle. You’re stuck there. If you’re a defender on the inside make sure you are not hatred in there. If however, you’re attacking from the outside don’t try bashing down the door. They’ll pour hot oil on you and shoot you with arrows.

Instead, set up a siege.

Morlock or Eloi: A Choice in Evolution

The debate over climate change is one of those strange human things. In a logical or analytic sense, there really shouldn’t be such an argument. If you see danger up ahead, you would naturally take action to avoid it, right?

Not so simple when dealing with humans.

Let’s take humanity out of the equation. Once you do, then it doesn’t matter which way the temperature goes on the Earth, or on any other planet. Planets don’t care either way. If you talk to the sun, it’s just pissed off it didn’t achieve black hole status and that it now has to wait for another ten or so billion Earth years before it gets another crack at it.

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Black Market

*first published on writerscafe

“I am pleased to announce that we have slain the dragon.”

All the enthusiastic MercurEx employees gathered around the trading oval and cheered. James Tucker had hoped for this type of reaction.

He needed them to know how much he valued their support.

He wanted them to trust him again.

He wanted to trust them back.

“The hypergoblin incursion has been neutralized. It seems we have become experts at killing these things.”

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Spiders in the Office

Having a corporate headquarters is not a requirement of the meganational’s existence, and the rule of law governing corporate activities ceases to be applicable once they declare their independence. The headquarters could be moved to an island, or to a ship, or even into a satellite in space for that matter. Even the location of corporate executives is a separate matter from the rule of law governing the company.

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