Al Haja

Al Haja is a fascinating non-theocratic city-state that is located in the middle east, situated along the stunning Red Sea. The city-state is renowned for its numerous ports that serve as vital gateways for trade, commerce, and tourism. The ports are also major centres of economic activity and have contributed to the city-state’s rapid growth and development over the years.

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Alark Corporation

This manufacturer of data destruction equipment and software is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies designed to securely and permanently erase sensitive information from a wide range of media devices. With headquarters located in the bustling city of South Gate, their innovative solutions have been trusted by businesses and government agencies around the world to protect their confidential data and maintain regulatory compliance.

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The concept of Ambercast was developed by Tithion Corporation, the inventor of the lobeset and Redhand system. According to this concept, the Ambercast can be divided into five layers, each with its own unique characteristics and features.

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History of the Technocracy

The following is a historical timeline leading up to the events of the novel, “A Hostile Takeover”.

  • Advent of Ecoterrorism
  • Free Trade and Economic Zones declared.
  • First City-States built (Southgate, Corona, Xinhu, Al Hajai, Korinth)
  • World Monetary Union
  • Ten years of world recession
  • Refugian Wars begin
  • Scorpion Gang emerges
  • Depression declared
  • First Great Riots
  • World Single Currency disintegrates
  • Scorpion gang privatizes
  • Refugee War ends
  • Trojans gang wiped out
  • Southgate, Prime Executive Wilson assassinated
  • Second Great Riots
  • Southgate, Brotherhood of the Leaping Frog founded
  • Atlantic Union invades the City State of Corona
  • Southgate, West Shore gangs subdued by Leaping Frog
  • Phosphorous Wars
  • Southgate, Scorpions enter the local market via Zenith Bank
  • Southgate, War on Gangs declared
  • Southgate, James Tucker assumes temporary control of Leaping Frog


Mindjector aims to bridge the gap between human brains and computers through the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). This ambitious endeavour seeks to revolutionize the way humans interact with technology, unlocking a new frontier of possibilities for medical applications, communication, and beyond.

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The Angry Tree

The Five Internets refer to a concept in the world of technology that suggests that there are five different types of internets, each with its own unique characteristics. One of these internets is the hybrid internet created by the Tribes of the Angry Tree, a group of international hackers who are known for their expertise in infiltrating and manipulating various communication infrastructures.

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The mass surveillance system instituted into law by the State Government of Fontana is a highly advanced and sophisticated mechanism that is designed to gather vast amounts of information from all electronic devices. This system is an all-encompassing program that utilises blockchain algorithmic startpoints to collect data from a variety of sources, including geolocation, audiovisual, and multispectral data.

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