Acid was a notorious character in the District of Laurel, known to be a ruthless slumlord who would stop at nothing to maintain his power and control over his local tenants. His preferred method of torture was to use hydrochloric acid, which he would pour onto his victims’ bodies, causing excruciating pain and often permanent disfigurement.

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Al Haja

Al Haja is a fascinating non-theocratic city-state that is located in the middle east, situated along the stunning Red Sea. The city-state is renowned for its numerous ports that serve as vital gateways for trade, commerce, and tourism. The ports are also major centres of economic activity and have contributed to the city-state’s rapid growth and development over the years.

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Alark Corporation

This manufacturer of data destruction equipment and software is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies designed to securely and permanently erase sensitive information from a wide range of media devices. With headquarters located in the bustling city of South Gate, their innovative solutions have been trusted by businesses and government agencies around the world to protect their confidential data and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Atlantic Union

An expansionist economic block comprising North America, Britain, Iberia, Western Africa and Brazil, would be a formidable force in the global economy. The collective economic power of these regions would enable the expansion of trade and investment opportunities, leading to increased economic growth, job creation, and improved living standards for their citizens.

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Brotherhood Of The Leaping Frog

The powerful South Gate gang was formed after a strategic amalgamation of all the West Shore gangs, which had long been vying for dominance in the region. The merger was formulated by a select group of leaders led by the infamous Sparrow, who recognized the benefits of consolidating their resources, manpower, and expertise to create a formidable force that could not be easily challenged.

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City State of Corona

A vibrant metropolis situated on the west coast of Latin America, boasting a rich cultural heritage and a thriving economy. It was one of the first City States established by the Hexium Consortium, a powerful conglomerate that sought to establish a network of independent city-states across the globe.

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James Tucker

CEO of technology and finance firm MercurEx. Served during the Phosphorous Wars. A pioneer in second-generation virtuoid science and an uber-class celebrity. His parents are Frank and Natalia Tucker. He is married to Teresa and has a daughter, Gabriella.

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Jorge Wilson

Jorge Wilson, a former Chief of Police of the South Gate Police Department, was a figure who left a lasting impact on the City Stae’s law enforcement and political landscape. Known for his bold initiatives and controversial methods, Wilson played a pivotal role in shaping the security apparatus and political landscape of the country.

Under Wilson’s leadership, the South Gate Police Department established the Gamma Units, a specialized force tasked with protecting the Bluezone border. This initiative aimed to enhance border security and prevent unauthorized entry into the designated protected area. However, this move was met with mixed reactions, as some viewed it as necessary for maintaining order, while others criticized the militarization of the police force.

Jorge Wilson

Expanding on his vision of a secured Bluezone, Wilson further modernized the police force, equipping officers with advanced technologies and tactical training. These measures, although aimed at improving law enforcement capabilities, also intensified tensions between law enforcement and the surrounding slumlords.

Wilson took a controversial approach by using the enhanced police force to invade and suppress the slumlands, seeking to expand the Bluezone Protectorate’s control. These actions drew both support and condemnation from the public, sparking heated debates about the balance between security and human rights.

As a result of his overhanded methods and increasing public scrutiny, Wilson was eventually forced out of his position as Chief of Police by the Executium, a governing body overseeing the City States government and economic affairs. However, his ambitions did not waver, and he seized the opportunity to pursue a political career.

Running for the Prime Executive elections, Wilson utilized his reputation as a strong and decisive leader to secure victory. As Prime Executive, he implemented the LandBond currency model, which aimed to stabilize the region’s economy and promote economic growth. This move drew both support and skepticism, with debates surrounding its long-term impact.

Unfortunately, Wilson’s tenure as Prime Executive was cut short when he was assassinated at the Grand Opera House while giving a speech. The notorious slumlord known as Cancer was identified as the assailant, highlighting the deep-rooted tensions that existed between the government and the marginalized slumland communities.

The legacy of Jorge Wilson is a subject of ongoing debate. While some view his efforts as necessary measures to protect the Bluezone and promote stability, others criticize his authoritarian tendencies and disregard for civil liberties. Regardless of one’s perspective, Wilson’s actions had far-reaching consequences, leaving an indelible mark on the region’s history.

His daughter is the current head of Department 47 (Counter-Corporaterrorism Initiative), Jacinta Wilson.


Founded by Jim Dochersky, a former tectrician, Meganat Corporation has become a dominant force in the global energy and information sectors. Beginning with the Solxia-Thermos and Atomic Corporation, Dochersky made a bold bet against rare-earth intensive technologies and instead focused on building a vast empire in atomic and geothermal energy. This strategic move paid off, and Meganat has continued to expand its reach through smart acquisitions and innovative technologies.

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