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A road-trip thriller about greed, murder and divine retribution.

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A fugitive on the run.

A drifter going nowhere.

A detective on the hunt.

Unable to lead a normal life, prison escapee, Phil concocts a plan to steal someone's identity. Placing an ad in the paper, Phil hires a drifter called Trevor. On their way to a phoney destination, Phil wrestles with greed, empathy and his inner instincts to bring himself to kill another human being. The more he gets to know Trevor, who's recounting his whole tragic life story, the more Phil loses his nerve.

To make matters worse, Phil discovers that an old nemesis, Detective Edmondson, is hot on his heels. Determined to carry out his plan, Phil must overcome panic attacks, an interfering hitchhiker, a church full of redeemers, a friend's homicidal wife, and a detective who is running a malign scheme of his own.

If only murder was as easy as it's made out to be.


Publisher: Nitronaut Books
Cover Artists:
Editions:Paperback - First: $ 12.90
ISBN: 979-8793556736
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 306

As a grieving parent, Nathan [The Caveman] Caves struggles to come to terms with his son Julian's death, his son's online legacy, and with a malicious internet troll that has wreaked havoc onto his life. Determined to drown out his heartache with vengeance, The Caveman decides to hunt down his tormentor, delving into a world of technology he'd spent a lifetime evading.

Augmented reality.

Artificial sentience.


The deeper into the dark web the caveman ventures, the steeper his learning curve grows and the further away he gets from the one person who understands his pain...

...his wife.


A techno-thriller novel from the author of 'A Hostile Takeover' and 'The Blood Ring'

Publisher: Nitronaut Books




A Dark Science Fiction Novel

Book Cover: The Blood Ring
Editions:Hardcover: $ 17.99
ISBN: 1792176929
Pages: 662

The Blood Ring Book Formats

"The only predator a serial killer fears, is something more deranged."



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Yellowcop is everywhere.

It can see and hear everything. It can track where you are in the physical world and what you do in the virtual one. This panoptic surveillance network is legal and built into every electronic device, gadget or machine that comes off the factory floor, from robot trashcans to autonomous smartcars. Anonymity is officially dead, that is until the advent of the DENDROS, a quasi-sentient computer algorithm that hacks into all machines spanning the Global Internet of Things. Peer-to-peer, un-hackable, untraceable and totally cryptonymous, humanity can go back to indulging in its dark side — incognito and free.

Heidi Matthews is a Missing Persons Unit detective, re-assigned to the Sheepdog Unit, a team of law enforcers dedicated to bringing down the snuff industry. All she needs to do is put aside her animosity towards its unscrupulous leader and help the Sheepdogs put an end to the pandemic of violence.

Luke Pearson is a snuff aficionado who is always one step ahead of the law. Always a suspect but never an accused, his luck may be just about to run out.

Eddie, John and Francoise have broken out of the Psychomax. To stay free all they have to do is keep doing what they do best, and the underground snuff market pays more than anything in the world.

Mark Forrester's day turns sour when he comes across a stolen pango, a personal area network device that runs all the technology crammed into everyday life. Within the pango, he uncovers evidence of a horrific, insidious crime perpetrated by a sinister snuff group known as the Blood Ring. But Mark cannot go to the police, for he suspects that the Yellow Monster, which feeds daily on human villainy, may not be interested in justice at all. 









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Publisher: Nitronaut Books
Cover Artists:

A Science Fiction Short Story Collection

Black Market
Ice Hangar
Dead Drop Society
The Fright Machine
Permian Spring
The Sargasso Void
Sonic Crab
The Tesseract
Draconis Prime
Cruel Sky
Relic Hunters of the Vitalis Express
The Forever Slave
Chthonic Punk

Treasonous humans, corporate goons, a mysterious crime scene aboard a space mine, a snuff collector, a subterranean explorer, winged sharks, a deadly robot, marooned time travellers, a marooned inter-galactic cop and his prisoner, political terrorism during the interstellar space games, a robot Armageddon, the birth of an A.I, a cyberpunk romance, and a tale about a human, an alien and an entity older than a star.

Science fiction short stories from the author of A Hostile Takeover and The Blood Ring.


Publisher: Nitronaut Books
Cover Artists:

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A Post-Cyberpunk Novel

A science fiction novel set in a post-cyberpunk world, struggling with the rise of corporate gangs and untamed technology.

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The Bluezone: Somewhere deep within this last bastion of democratic society, segregated from the chaotic slums and destitute refugee camps, lurks a technology that could either push civilization further into the abyss or bring forth its salvation.

Struggling to save his innovative hybrid techno-finance company from malign threats leftover from twenty-two years of severe economic depression, a young uberman ends up fighting for his life against ruthless enemies.

Corporate Banksters are increasingly adopting unscrupulous strategies and tactics. Dangerous slumlords have infiltrated every facet of the economy and run their gangs like small quasi-nations.

Rebellious artificial intelligent entities, which may or may not believe the human world actually exists, are going rogue. In addition, the Bluezone government, so obsessed in asserting its authority, is willing to risk all-out civil war.

Not that James Tucker, a war veteran and corporate Uberman by the age of nineteen, and a staunch proponent of alternative economic theorems, minds putting his life on the line. At stake, is the destruction of his country, the disillusionment of his fans, and the prospect of betraying a promise he made to his daughter.


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Publisher: Nitronaut Books
Cover Artists:
Reviews:TJ Hapney on TJ's New Book Blog wrote:

There are a lot of things about this book that I can’t even begin to give a succinct explanation about, such as zoids and hypergoblins, which are technological entities that assist or inhibit humans during their daily lives. Imagine that your cell phone earpiece was sentient with a personality of its own, but wasn’t quite sure the human world existed. I’m sure you can see how this could become a problem given the gang situation in this story and yet that explanation probably isn’t detailed enough to really give you an idea of what these little gizmos can do.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It kept me on my toes and was definitely an original piece. I have yet to read another story like this one.

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