Flash Fiction Short Story Steampunk Writing


This flash fiction piece took out the inaugural Punk Out: Wattpunk Contests and Prompt challenge.
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Cryptocurrency Novel

Dendro Token
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Novel Writing

Yellowcop is everywhere.

It can see and hear everything. It can track where...
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Flash Fiction Writing


Narkvosu just wanted to survive. At least long enough to...
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Short Story Writing

Dead Drop Society

When access to the internet and information becomes inaccessible to a vast majority of the population, dead drop networks spring up everywhere. But someone needs to maintain this free access to information, otherwise, the population remains mired in ignorance and cut out of the wealth cycle.
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Film Review

Flash Gordon Saves the Universe

When Flash Gordon was 'again' resurrected back  (thanks, Princess Aura for...
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Science Fiction Short Story Space Writing

Ice Hangar

This short story won 1st prize on TheNextBigWriter → Locked Door Contest
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Short Story


What if I were to tell you that a vast...
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The Bad Samaritan now stalking Unbound

Help make it happen.
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Terminator Reterminated

There's nothing more bewilderingly mind-numbing than watching a science-fiction movie...
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Film Novel Review

The Fleming Paracosm

Alternative Lazenby Diamond Are Forever As we enter a new...
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Economics Politics

The Fantasy Federation of Europe

It is sad to watch a great nation bludgeon another...
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Review Science Fiction

Private Haldeman

Whenever Joe Haldeman author puts out something, I read it....
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First Planet Candidates Discovered by Planet Hunters

It's not every night you stumble across something on the...
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Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Sentience

Scientists are anxious these days about the advent of artificial...
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Climate Change Environmentalism

Morlock or Eloi: A Choice in Evolution

Morlocks, eloi, climate change and the future evolution of humanity.
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Climate Change Environmentalism Nuclear Energy

This Universe Wants To Kill You

Why are punters so afraid of nuclear technology? Is it...
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Economics Mars Space

Mars! One Way

It's really hard not to facepalm when confronted by headlines...
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