Battle of Nukihama

Nukihama System | Hesszenii Spur | Euclid galaxy

205E0201B16D | 096C:0081:081A:005E

Fighting a horde of pirates would be worthwhile…

Egg Rocks of Tesey

…if only the reward was more than just the chance to take a snapshot of these strange egg rocks.

Three Deserts

Ujie Dalmi System | Parayiji Sector | Euclid Galaxy

Galactic Coordinates: 091A:007F:06E4:017A

Situated within the Nitroni Capital Region, 160090 LY from the galactic centre, this system hosts three unique desert planets.

The Wapor

Ujie 1 is an early settlement established on a high red-sandstone butte, with great views and sunsets. A planet-wide Monument Valley.



Acid Rain on Anronni

Planet Anronni | 10C60201A16D

Ketros System | Arhuhyus Shallows | Euclid Galaxy

GALACTIC ADDRESS: 096C:0081:0819:00C6

Planet Anronni

A toxic planet with roaming rhinosaurus, 146,372 light years from the galactic centre.

The Mountains of Abri

Abrimega System | Yuratzi Adjunct | Euclid Galaxy

Galactic Coordinates: 0EA2:0076:08FF:0075 687,336

A lush continent surrounded by islands, a blue ocean, under a ruby red sky, and dominated by mega mountain. Not much flat land here but a good candidate for a outpost.

Abrimegados Island


Abri Summit


The Tongue

On one of the first strange planets visited, Gianet Gamma, this formation caught my attention, 698,493 light years from the galactic centre.

Rechaius System | Twrigua Boundary | Euclid galaxy

Galactic Coordinates: 081B:0079:012D:01DF

Gianet Gamma


The Origin Update has created a little climate change for this lush planet in the Amheum System, located somewhere deep in the Areteseng Band, changing the rich orange grass to green, and a foggier atmosphere.

Anheum System | Areteseng Band | Euclid Galaxy

Galactic Coodinates: 085E:0081:0682:0004

Tinald | 600402E8305F

No Man's Sky

Lost Worlds

Having gone through a portal with random numbers, this system, with no name recorded, no coordinates, is lost to me. Shame, I liked these planets.

Unknown System | Euclid

The Aganei

Aganei System | Hesszenii Spur | Euclid Galaxy

Galactic coordinates: 096C:0081:081A:0048





Planet of the Dragons

The search for the dragon starts and ends here.

Draconis Prime | 4200FB002FFA

Draconis System | Nodmart Nebula | Elkupalos Galaxy

GALACTIC ADDRESS: 07F9:007A:0801:0200


Draconis Ekeyni | 5200FB002FFA


Draconis | 1200FB002FFA
Draconis | 1200FB002FFA

The Acrid Dragon.

Draconis | 1200FB002FFA


Dracadu | 6200FB002FFA


Draconis Dade | 2200FB002FFA


On the desert planet Anilacia, what were once mild storms are now ferocious firestorms.

Draconis Anilacia | 3200FB002FFA

Draconis Prime

Draconis Prime | 4200FB002FFA